Teaching CVC (Consonant-Vowel-Consonant) words is hard to do in a lot of self-contained classrooms, but we still work at it often. And many people succeed at it often as well, with a lot of ingenuity and creative thinking. That is why I am glad you’re here.

phonics worksheets for kindergarten special ed

The Phonics Printables CVC word worksheets is set of printables that focus on CVC words with middle vowels A, E, I, O, and U. I typed, gathered images and organized activities on these worksheets to try to make learning more accessible and assessable. You will know what your student knows even if they cannot use words or speech right now.

A Tailored Approach to CVC Words

Understanding that traditional methods may not always suit the learning style of students with autism, these worksheets are intentionally created to minimize the need for handwriting and verbal interaction. Instead, students need to cut, glue and put on their answers, allowing students to demonstrate their understanding in a more hands-on and engaging way on these CVC word worksheets.

CVC word wotksheets

These Printables Have What You're Trying to Teach

Focus on Middle Vowels
Each worksheet is dedicated to one of the middle vowels (A, E, I, O, U), offering multiple chances to learning these fundamental sounds in CVC words.

Cut and Paste Activities
By cutting and pasting, students actively participate in the learning process, which enhances their engagement and retention of the CVC words.

Phonics Worksheets

Low Handwriting Demand
Recognizing the varied fine motor skills among students with autism, these CVC words worksheets require minimal handwriting, reducing frustration and (we hope!!!) increasing engagement.

Are you Ready to See These CVC Worksheets in Action?

As we walk through the features of these worksheets, let's take a closer look at some examples:

Middle A Focus
Here’s a worksheet focusing on the vowel 'A', where students match CVC words to the same word.

cvc words

Here is the table of contents for middle A. (It is similar, but not exactly the same, for all of the other letters as well.)

Middle a (-ab family)

Puzzle “ab”

Middle a (-ad family)

Which Word is a Match? (-ad Words)

Middle a (-ag family)

Glue The Words Below The Same Word(-ag words)

Middle a (-an family)

Write the Words Below (-an Words)

Middle a (-am family)

Color In The First Letter

Middle a (-ap family)

Word to Picture (-ap Words)

Middle a (-ar family)

Word to Picture (-ar words)

Middle a (-at family)

Puzzle “at”

Middle a Variety Pages (4 Worksheets)

Sam and Pam Color by Code (Middle a)

Middle “a” Picture Match

Match Using an Arrow

Spell With Your Hands (middle a)

Middle E
This worksheet with the middle vowel 'E' helps students place the begining letter for the word.

cvc words short e

Middle I
Highlighting 'I', this worksheet allows students to identify and match words such as 'pig' and 'rib'.

cvc words with short i

Middle O
The 'O' worksheet engages students with CVC words and pictures like 'mom' and 'pom'.

cvc words worksheet

Middle U
Linking words like 'mug' and 'sun' to their pictures is one of the things targeted in the 'U' worksheets.


Listen, ELA does not need to be a stressor anymore. These CVC words worksheets can be a time saver, a paraprofessional run activity or even a sub folder lesson! When paired with my Alphabet Letters printables and Phonemic Awareness printables, you can really make something great happen. Whether used in a small group setting or as an individual activity, these worksheets are an invaluable addition to any special education classroom. 

cvc worksheets