After spending several months of planning, finally released a personal collection of journals designed for the hardworking teachers and educators out there like you.



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With constant paperwork and classroom management needs, there is always something to remember...something to jot down. Not to mention a to-do list which never seems to end. Why not have a cute place to write down those ideas and things to remember?

Each journal has their own unique phrases and sayings on the front cover for any special education teacher, clinician, and autism support paraprofessional out there.

Once you get your hands on these note-thirsty notebooks and journals, you’ll find dozens of ready to use lined pages. They’re ready to contain all of your thoughts, ambitions, maybe even notes from meetings that don't apply to you...and whatever else your heart desires. Some are large and some are small, you choose what type of journal works for you.

Want to use it as a teacher planner or a tool for the classroom? Thinking about keeping it as a diary to reflect on your personal and professional life? Or, want to use it to pass notes back and forth to your teacher bestie at a meeting? Go for it!

Whatever your intended purpose, there are numerous benefits to journaling. Let’s take a closer look at some of the best ones.


Let’s be honest here — we don’t teach because it’s easy. In fact, it’s anything but — especially during these times. Instead, we do it because it’s interesting, challenging and we like to teach. However, when teaching can get tough, it can be more difficult to stay organized. In that case, sometimes a planner can solve that issue by helping you lay out and debrief your daily events, important dates and plans. This Autism Classroom Planner, Organizer and Lesson Plan Book: For Educators Teaching Students with Autism and Related Special Needs strives to be that type of support.

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Achieve Your Goals

Many times the struggle to find ways to support student's needs has you wanting to sit down and plan out your short-term and long-term goals. Keeping a journal can help you cultivate those goals in bite-sized chunks throughout the way and inspire that ambition in you to develop the steps to achieve them. Then, at your convenience, you can always look back on them and track your growth.  And as a teacher, administrator, teacher assistant, service provider or family member, there is always something to plan. 

Relieve Stress

If you’re a teacher, you know and feel the term stress far better than others. Sometimes we really feel alone, even in a large school setting. However, because it’s not always appropriate to unleash that stress upon your students and co-workers, you can fully do so in the pages of your journal. It gives you a safe-space to unload all your anxieties, frustrations, and experiences.

Increase Creativity

Have an idea, but if you move someone will get up and run to the play area? Just keep a journal handy and write it down to attend to later. If you get stuck in somewhat of a monotonous routine, journals allow you to engage with your inner creativity and delve into your wildest imagination. A lot of us come up with unique ideas throughout our days, but few of us actually put in the time and effort to remember them. By recording them in your journal, they’ll always be there at a moment’s reach.


Autism Teacher Gifts

Finally, if you are looking for gifts for the classroom team or school team for Teacher Appreciation, a oh-so-cutely decorated cover journal could be the small, but might thing you are looking for. Consider purchasing one designed with purpose and a hardworking educator in mind. For a teacher appreciation gift from principal to VP to paraprofessional to teacher, everyone wins!!! Even if you are making a teacher appreciation gift basket, they can support that. These special education journals reflect our teaching style and values. In other words, start fresh with a blank new page, like we do each day. With a pen in hand, you’ll discover that there’s so much more potential to you than you know.

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