I see the signs all over the lawns.  They are there for college graduates, high school graduates, middle school achievers and more. It is a great symbol of appreciation and accomplishment.  A way to say we care for you and we miss you. Students with special needs need this too. A certificate for special education can support this effort. These End of the Year Awards help to celebrate the accomplishments that your students have made this year in their social skills, interaction skills, behavior improvements, ability to follow directions and more.


We know it is so important to celebrate students for who they are. Every inch toward progress is counted.


Using colorful paper, each certificate can be personalized with the best color that fits.  This resource has 32 pages of certificates. (Some certificates have one with a picture of a boy and one with a picture of a girl.)  The list of included certificate titles includes:

Social Butterfly

Goal Master

Classroom Helper

The Mayor

Sunshine Ray

Ray of Sunshine

Independence Seeker

Friendly Classmate

Chore Regulator

Most Improved

Above and Beyond the Call of Duty

Socially Savvy

Living the Life

Daily Living Skills Champ

Reaching Out to Play

Working More Diligently

Increasing Independence

Following Directions

Improving Behavior

Teacher’s Assistant

Friendly Classmate

Computer King

Computer Queen

App Consultant

Never Gives Up

Always Keeps Trying

(And 2 Blank Forms)


Use colorful paper to add some fun!  These are some samples with the colorful paper.


On another note, sometimes, you just want to celebrate weekly. Or, at least more often than the end of the year.  These Special Education Classroom Certificates do that.  They are a simple way to say “I achieved a goal” or “I know I know my ABC’s” or to highlight other steps toward progress.

Sometimes we only have regular copy paper and need to print in black and white.  But, on those days when color is an option, they can look like this.

Included are 14 styles of certificates to acknowledge students throughout the year.

-I Mastered a Goal
-I Met a New Objective- Girl
-I Met a New Objective- Boy
-Star Student (4 variations)
-What a Great Day
-Reading Superstar
-I Love to Read
-ABC Queen (2 styles)
-ABC King (2 styles)
-You Rock
-I Had a Great Day

 Now that we are not using printing as much and are sending things electronically, these are my new favorite.  All of our ink is not needed to send virtual certificates.  These Student Certificates in PNG form are all about pops of color!

These certificates are for acknowledging students for having a great day. Now they are provided as png images to allow for the ability to add text over them, if text is wanted. And, I love the fact that I can add a personal message. Then they can be sent as a text or email image. Just remember to save them as an image or pdf so that your font stays the same.

There are a few styles with variations of each for you to choose the style that you like best. There are color certificates and some with a white background. There are large full-page certificates. There are also mini half-page certificates so you can add text.

   For more information about each type of certificate for special education classes, check out these images below:


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