Ready to move from not knowing, feeling overwhelmed, and a in a state of stress not knowing what to do to get prepared for the school year for your students with autism?

The question for most teachers is: What do I need to get my ready for my students?  Or, how do I set up a classroom for students with autism?

Some teachers are new, some just need help thinking things through, some are looking to growth professionally and others are looking for design ideas for their autism classroom set up. No matter what you are looking for, may have a blog, webpage or digital resource to help. This blog post is to share with you all the information about the signature book for autism support educators.

So, while you are here, let’s take a look into the 3rd Edition of the How to Set Up a Classroom for Students with Autism Book.

how to set up a classroom for students with autism

You can now listen to this title as an audiobook!!!!

This book might be for you if any of the following ring true:

1. You are looking to find ways to prepare your classroom.

2. You have started but need some direction.

3. You would like a guide you can reference from time to time.

There is no doubt that students with autism usually present unique sets of skills and challenges to schools, and teachers, administrators, paraprofessionals, and related service providers. Some really need to stretch to meet their unique needs effectively. The book considers that and tries to guide you step by step. If you are a college professor teaching student teachers, a teacher, an administrator, a paraprofessional, or a related service provider, this book may be exactly the help you have been looking for.

Here are the chapters:

First Things First
Strategy 1 Detailed Assessments
Strategy 2 Use a Variety of Schedules
Strategy 3 An Effective Classroom Environment That is Engineered for Students with Autism and Other Communication Needs
Strategy 4 A Data System for Tracking Learning Objectives
Strategy 5 A Plan for Collaborating with Others
Strategy 6 Staff Knowledge of ABA and Other Effective Teaching Methods
Strategy 7 Extensive Communication Supports, Language Based Lessons and Visual Supports for Language
Strategy 8 Behavior Support Plans (Classroom Support & Individual Support Plans)
Strategy 9 Address Ongoing Sensory Issues
Strategy 10 Activity-Based Instruction

Organized and succinct, How to Set Up a Classroom for Students with Autism- Third Edition is a comprehensive manual that provides you with immediate, practical assistance, classroom organization ideas and a guide about how you can plan, organize, coordinate, implement, and monitor an educational program to get the best results in your special education class. 

This comprehensive guide of 177 pages will tell you in detail most of what you need to know and understand about organizing a special education classroom. An idea…think about getting this manual now and using it over the break. This manual is so comprehensive and detailed that you will need time to take it all in. It can also be used for professional development, a book study, coaching/mentoring teachers and/or program quality effectiveness.

The idea is to walk any special education teacher or administrator through the process of effectively setting up a practical and effective classroom in this simple to use book.autism classroom ebook printed page

The manual is written for teachers, professors, administrators, and related service personnel who are responsible for teaching kids and youth with autism and other cognitive delays or professionals new to working with students in autism classrooms and self-contained special education classrooms. 

This guide is impressive as it brings in various evidence-based interventions to novice as well as experienced educators, teachers, and administrators who are looking for meaningful and practical strategies for teaching young students on the Autism Spectrum.

Autism Classroom ebook Pictures Chapter 2

One glance at the table of contents, which includes Behavior Support Plans and A Data System for Tracking Learning Objectives, and you will likely recognize there are topics that you know are need to be discussed, but may have not yet been discussed.

autism behavior support

The best thing about this manual is that the solutions it presents are positive and practical and explain the various reasons behind the methods and strategies you will use. There are step-by-step and field-tested guidelines and tips and there are ideas about how to write a basic behavior intervention plan. You can use this manual to learn the beginning basic information about functional behavior assessment, applied behavior analysis, and positive behavioral supports.

One of the best parts about the manual is that it features end of the chapter questions and a "game plan" for each chapter. There are also sidebars highlighting major points, checklists and printable pages (labels), vignettes, and summaries for use in organizing your classroom!

Autism Classroom ebook checklist picture

This is the one to order and know for a fact that you will be using it all year. The simple to use format allows teachers, educators, administrators to quickly and easily look up a quick solution and also plan ideas, procedures and lessons.

If you are looking for solutions, support and guidance within the classroom setting, who knew it may be in the form of a book? But this book is “meaty” and cannot and should not be consumed all at once.

What we all know is that the classroom isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ environment! Teachers, professors, and administrators, it is now possible to accommodate various types of learning differences in your classroom and sustain a positive and healthy learning environment for all of your students. This manual is a must-have for all-inclusive classrooms too, as it can be a valuable addition to your resources and provides further starting points on how you can increase engagement for all students in your class.

This manual is carefully designed to be an at-your-fingertips resource. It is the expanded version of the teaching strategies list found here.

Whether your students have autism, ADHD, or an autism spectrum disorder (ASD), How to Set Up a Classroom for Students with Autism - Third Edition is the authoritative reference manual with the tools and resources to help you get ready for students. Grab your copy now and take control of your classroom planning.


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