autism classroom labels

Take a look at these labels for your classroom bins. This freebie can be downloaded near the bottom of this article.

labels for rotations

These are labels that can be placed on plastic storage boxes that hold your lessons and materials for the week.

labels for autism classroom bins
To use the labels, follow these steps:

  • First, decide how many activities you will run in the classroom and get enough plastic bins for each activity. It may be best to start with language center, play center, fine motor center, IEP center, phonics, social skills, sensory group, math group, reading/ELA group. Then add any others as you need to. 
  • Next, think of the color code you want to use for your folders.  I tend to like to use the following color code: 
    -language center- yellow
    -play center- orange
    -fine motor center- green
    -IEP center- blue folders for each student
    -phonics- pink folders for each student
    -social skills- purple folders for each student
    -sensory group- teal 
    -math group- black
    -reading/ELA group- red
  • Then, you would cut each small label and tape the label to the container using clear packing tape. 
  • Next, you can print each folder label and use a glue stick to glue it to the front of a folder. 
  • Then, add materials that you need for that week to the bin.
  • Last, you would add what you need in the folder.

To download the free labels for classroom bins click here.

If you are looking for lessons to add to the folders, check out my lesson targets resources. They give 34 weeks of ideas. Some of them are to be used with the Social Skills Bundle and the Personal Skills Bundle. But the play, sensory and fine motor ones can stand alone.

autism lesson plans targets
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Enjoy and Happy Organizing!