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Not sure where to go or what to look for?  Here is full list with pictures! These are a few autism classroom must haves. Sometimes, your school will give you the chance to order supplies for your autism classroom.  Many times, if you are new to teaching students with autism, you may not know where to look for these items. Remember, you can also order books, if needed. Student workbooks and teacher guides by Autism Classroom are available here or at online bookstores or by purchase order and you can ask your school admin to purchase by purchase order using this form. The following items are recommended when ordering materials to get the classroom or homeschool area up and running.  (This page includes affiliate links.)

10 Autism Classroom Must Haves

Every new school year comes with a new class and a new set of needs. It took me some time to figure out the most important items are also the most basic items. Make sure you have all your classroom essentials, so that your autism classroom set up is prepared for helping your students succeed.

  1. Printer- Whether your students are verbal or nonverbal, using visual aids are essential to their learning experience. Having a printer nearby will allow you to create new pictures, print letters home or make materials when you need them.  
  1. Ink/Toner- If you are going to keep a printer in your room, you will need extra toner. The last thing you want is to be out of toner when you need to create a new visual aide or worksheet on the spot for your students.
  1. Laminator- A personal laminator in your room can add an extra layer of protection to your learning materials that need to be sturdy.
  1. Paper- Nothing is more frustrated than setting up your classroom and realizing you forgot paper. It’s always best to make sure you have at least 3 or 4 reams stashed away somewhere. If your school let’s you purchase supplies, don’t forget to add color paper as well for easy color coding.
  1. Velcro Adhesive Strips or Dots- Velcro or other adhesive strips can be used for interactive lessons, morning meetings and communication supports. Laminate, then add them to the back. Or, use foam board or plastic folders in conjunction with it to display items.
  1. Folders & Binders- Create a rockin’ classroom program with the help of various folders and binders. Color code, organize, store or do what every is needed with them. For me, folders and binders are the key to organizing a great autism classroom set up. I have a classroom ideas starter guide if you want to see some other things I consider at the start of getting organized. Just click on the picture below.
    setting up an autism classroom
  1. Two Pairs of Good Scissors- Whether your are cutting the laminated goodness you just made or if you are decorating a bulletin board you are hoping does not get ripped down or torn, you’ll always want to have a good pair of scissors at arm’s reach or hidden in a drawer, yeah, keep them safe.
  1. Permanent Markers- While it’s unwise to give your students access to your permanent markers, they’re great to have on hand for labeling baggies, student items and binders when setting up the classroom materials.
  1. Zippered Baggies- These are perfect to have on hand for snacks, crafts, or as general storage. But my favorite use of them is to store IEP related materials for each student. My online course for autism teachers that helps you get started setting up your classroom explains how I use them in the process of creating a quality classroom program.

  2. Clear Packing Tape- Whether you’re taping a name tag to a student’s desk, or taping bulletins to the wall, every classroom needs some all-purpose packing tape. And, if you need a quick laminating method for a small item, here is your winner. Just place the clear packing tape of both sides and you have a “laminated” item.

Some of My Favorite Materials to Order

Note: Once you get the supplies under control, one of my best items to have in a classroom if you are building an autism unit or creating a classroom program are photo cards and 3D objects to build vocabulary.

picture cards link
These are by far my favorite option, as I appreciate these resources for teaching language skills, emotions, matching, sorting, and action words. If you only need a little amount with a smaller amount of cards see here.



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