You arrive to the school building. You haven’t got out of your car yet because you must finish this song before going to deal with the chaos. Although, you know it is most likely going to be a wild day, you still show up every day. You show up every day because no matter how crazy the day gets; something keeps bringing you back here. The students! 

And who doesn’t want their students learning the basics?

Let me show you our spin on learning the basics - our phonics worksheets related to alphabet letters. Introducing our Phonics Printables for Students with Autism: Alphabet Letters – the perfect blend of fun and education!

abc worksheets fun

What is Great About This?
Each worksheet in this set is dedicated to a specific letter, aiming for a comprehensive and engaging approach to alphabet learning.

Sign it, say it match it !! Students can cut it and paste on to the uppercase letter or lowercase letter. It incorporates fine motor development and upper and lower case letter recognition.

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What You Can Expect

1. Diverse Response Styles: We know that every student is unique, and that's why these worksheets offer a variety of response styles. From matching and cutting to pasting, there’s something to suit every learner’s needs.

2. Incorporating Sign Language: the worksheets encourage students to use sign language to form letters, making the learning experience even more diverse and inclusive.

3. Fun & Engagement: Teachers and Parents Love them! Don't just take our word for it – teachers and parents rave about our Phonics ABC Printables.

5 out of 5
This is great for working with my students who are still working on letter recognition and the sounds that each letter makes.

5 out of 5
My son LOVES the alphabet and sign language. This was a great way to motivate him to practice his cutting and pasting skills. Thank you!

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Easy to Use and Adaptable

1. Print and Go: As a teacher, I know your time is precious. That's why these worksheets are designed to be ready at a moment's notice – just print and you’re all set!

2. Complements Any Curriculum: Whether you're supplementing an existing curriculum or looking for a daily alphabet activity, these worksheets are something easy to implement, but add value to the educational process. They can be a core part of your phonics lessons or a homework activity.

3. Add to Them: Use with flash cards and multisensory toys to emphasize the letter learning.

4. Factor in Other Skills: Imagine building fine motor skill as well as addressing matching objectives when a child correctly matches a picture to the letter 'D', or the pride they show when they successfully cut and paste images starting with 'S'. That’s the kind of engaging learning experience these worksheets offer.

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These alphabet phonics worksheets are part of a series. (CVC worksheets and phonemic awareness worksheets are available if you want to click to see them.)

Easy to use and engaging, they have been fun to see in action. Show us your use of them on our IG page or our FB group (see the very bottom of this page for the link.) And, when you get back to your car when the day is done, I hope a good song is waiting for you!