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When it comes to supporting our students with autism, finding the right resources to enhance social, play, and behavior skills can be tricky. Everyone knows you need to teach the skill, but no one seems to know how you go about this. The Social Skills Bundle is here to take the guesswork out of addressing these crucial areas, offering a comprehensive no-prep solution for educators, para-educators, and parents alike.

This unique collection of social skills worksheets is designed to meet your students needs.

social skills bundle printbles for special education

What's Inside the Social Skills Bundle?

This bundle is a rich variety of resources aimed at developing key life skills:

Social Skills Printables: Dive into activities designed to foster interpersonal skills, essential for students' success both inside and outside the classroom.

Behavior Skills Printables: Tackle challenges related to behavior management through engaging worksheets that encourage positive behavior.

Imitation Skills Printables: Enhance learning through imitation, a core aspect of social learning, with targeted printables.

Play Skills Printables: Elevate play skills, crucial for social interaction and learning, with a variety of activities.

Play Skills Interactive Notebook: An interactive notebook for hands-on learning made for students with significant cognitive needs.

I Will Try" Statements: Support posters that encourage a growth mindset and resilience among students, perfect for classroom decor.

 social skills bundle printbles for special education 2

Why This Bundle Stands Out?

The uniqueness of these printables lies in the fact that they are everything you wanted to teach your students about social skill but no one put on a worksheet. Until now.

They are specially crafted for students with developmental delays and are also suitable for younger learners in primary grades. The printables serve as an excellent supplement to any social skills curriculum, or they can stand alone as daily discussion starters or one-page lessons aimed at skill development.

We love them here because whether it's for direct teaching, supplementing curricula, addressing specific goals and objectives, or even home use, these printables are adaptable to various settings. They can be used in classrooms or special programs to create a year-long social skills curriculum.

They can be used with groups or individuals, making them perfect for differentiated instruction. Additionally, they can work as homework, morning activities, or even by families at home to reinforce social skills learning.

 social skills bundle printbles for special education 3

What Educators and Parents Say

The feedback speaks volumes. Teachers have found it to be an invaluable resource for supporting social-emotional learning, highlighting its ease of use and ability to engage students meaningfully.

Parents appreciate its simplicity and effectiveness, making it a highly recommended tool for at-home learning.

“This is a great resource to support social-emotional learning for my students! We practice a lot of social skills, behavior skills, and so on; this curriculum has it all! My kids love the lessons and do great with completing the work. I look forward to continuing to use this resource! Thank you so much!”

“My students loved using this resource. They were engaged and enthusiastic about learning while using this resource. It is amazing. Thanks for sharing your talent.”

“Without a social skills curriculum, I struggled to find activities that were engaging as well as age appropriate. This bundle includes enough activities for a year plus some more! It was very easy to differentiate based on ability and engagement level.”

"My daughter and I love using this resource, it is very helpful and easy to used. Strongly recommend. Another great purchase from TPT."

Skills Addressed

From self-management and emotions to self-awareness and communicating with others, this bundle covers a broad spectrum of essential life skills. Each set is designed to facilitate understanding and mastery of concepts such as emotions, stress management, coping with challenges, and much more. Through activities like matching emotions, identifying feelings, learning about volume control, and understanding the nuances of communication, students gain confidence and competence in navigating their social worlds.

Maybe the best thing about this bundle is that it is NO to LOW-PREP! It's a lot of print and go to make it easy for you to rock your social skills lessons without having to spend hours prepping.

 social skills bundle printbles for special education 4

The Social Skills Bundle is something you didn’t know you needed but will be your best resource for years to come.


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