A Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP or BP) is a written list of strategies and supports for an individual which encourages appropriate behaviors and discourages inappropriate behaviors.  A Behavior Intervention Plan is created AFTER a Functional Behavior Assessment is conducted which helps identify the function of the behavior.  A BIP or set of strategies should be written for each behavior.  This is because each behavior may serve a different function or motivation for the student, therefore, your response should vary based on the function of the behavior. The BIP should include the child’s name, the specific target behavior, the predicted function (based on your data collection from your FBA), strategies to increase appropriate behaviors, strategies to decrease inappropriate behaviors, materials and supports needed to implement the BIP, and skills to be taught to the student in order for him or her to demonstrate appropriate behaviors.


To highlight the components again, the BIP should include:

*the child’s name

*the specific target behavior

*the predicted function

*strategies to increase appropriate behaviors

*strategies to decrease inappropriate behaviors

*materials and supports needed to implement the BIP

*skills to be taught to the student



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