Community Ideas for Community Events


Running Errands

Make a Travel Schedule, teach it, and use it

Use a photo book with various places in it

Use their favorite place as the last place before home

Have one of their favorite electronic  items used only for travel

Reserve a special toy for time when the best behavior is needed

Keep snacks handy

Use headphones for places with large crowds

Crete a visual support to show where you are going and when you will be done


Birthday Parties/Holiday Gatherings/ Play Dates

Teach social scripts related to the gathering or social situation

Role Play the Social Situation

Social Situations Link 1

Social Situations Link 2

Social Situations Link 3

Social Situation Link 4


Grocery Shopping

Shopping Link 1- Trying to Prevent Meltdowns

Shopping Link 2- Preparing for a Grocery Store Trip

Shopping Link 3- A Shopping Experience Story



Reserve a seat in a quiet part of the restaurant

Look for kid friendly places

Ask if you can order before arriving, if needed or ask if the appetizer can be ordered

Call ahead to request plastic dinnerware and utensils, if needed

Restaurant Tips Link 1

Restaurant Tips Link 2