Overall design ideas for a home with individuals with autism are broad.  Each person will need the design to reflect their individual needs and preferences.  There are however some key elements to consider when setting up the environment.  The following things may help:

Highly Structured Set Up

             Dimare Design

             Autism and Design 

             Architectural Design

             Universal Design (Autism Design)   

             Brush of Love Autism Design Consultant

             Design Article

             Person Centered Design

             A Supportive Environment

              Ideas for Desgining a Room


Labeled Containers for storing toys, clothes, etc.

              Designing Toy Storage Blog Entry

              Organizing Materials

              Organizing Materials #2

              Print Your Own Labels for Toys


Pictures and other visual supports

              Visual Supports and Communication Supports

              Success Strategies

              How to Use Visual Supports

              Tips for Helping Organize Your Child’s Toys, Schedules and Schoolwork

              Examples (scroll down the page on the link to see all examples)


Swings/Movement/Sensory Equipment 

              AutismClassroom's Personal Shopper (Sensory)

              Snoezelene Info  

              Sensory Bedroom

              Ideas for Sensory Living #1  

              Ideas for Sensory Living #2


Schedules for daily living activities and for chores

             Google images

             Bing images

             Sample Schedules  


             Do2Learn Make--Schedule

             Example- Task Schedules